"The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest possible number of hypotheses or axioms." -Albert Einstien


Guest Lectures


About us

Society for cultivation of Science & Humanities (SCOSH) is a student chapter formed by the ignited minds of Integrated Masters of Science under the able guidance of inspiring faculty advisors and with the catalytic support of generous administrative officials of NIT Surat.We aim to develop scientific amplitude among the students and we work together to reach great heights in the fields of various sciences.

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What does SCOSH do?
Today, Science has been devided into two main branches: "The Pure"(scientist branch) and "The Applied"(Engineering branch). SCOSH acts as a plateform to reunite these two branches. Though the events organized by SCOSH throughout the academic year, we try to give the participants an equal experience of Basic("Pure") Sciences as well their applications. SCOSH is a plateform where a science enthusiast can text himself and gain knowledge to the full!
Why should I join SCOSH?
SCOSH is a Student Chapter of SVNIT that hopes to guide more students towards Science and Research. By exposing participants to various challenges and allowing them to explore various fields of science, the student chapter strives to spark interest and a love for Science in young minds. The competitions are truly an incredible experience, and this is why you should join us.
How can I join SCOSH?
You can be a part of the SCOSH committee which is selected through interviews at the beginning of each academic year. Also if you are not in the committee yet you want to join SCOSH, you can be a volunteer for events oragnized by us. To be a volunteer, just mail us at with the event you want to be a volunteer in
Can I be a speaker or guest lecturer?
Yes, you can. But first you have to mail us at about topic details with some of your personal details atleast one week prior to the seminar.
What is Prakriti?
It is an event of SCOSH completely dedicated to the school children (upto. std. 12th). Prakriti aims at developing Science aptitude in young minds by giving them hands-on and fun experience with Science.It is a day-long event wherein students from various school participate and learn Science in a way they are not exposed to in their usual routine!